Casita is a UK-based international student accommodation provider. When I first joined Casita, we were providing student rooms only in the UK. As we grew, we succeeded at establishing ourselves as a trusted student accommodation provider across the globe, offering student rooms not only in the UK but across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, UAE, and more.

Casita’s business was both B2C and B2B; the B2C branch was targeting China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Gulf, Europe, and local students in the UK, Australia, and the USA. The B2B branch, on the other hand, was targeting the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE & Gulf, and various countries across Europe.

I’ve first joined Casita as a Senior English Content Writer & Creative Copywriter in March 2017. By May 2018, I’ve been promoted to Content Manager.

My responsibilities were not limited to the following but included:

●  Make sure the buildings’ content in all cities is up-to-date.

●  Research and write city profiles for all the countries we serve.

●  Write the blogs and adhere to the editorial calendar set.

●  Communicate with buildings providers to get relevant content updates.

●  Copywrite content for brochures, flyers, roll-ups, and email campaigns.

●  Copywrite content for SM platforms and their designs.

●  Design and execute a content plan for updating the whole website monthly.

●  Distribute and assign tasks to the content team.

●  Train and coach a team of writers on the CMS, writing style guide, and the industry, in addition to conducting blogging and SEO content writing training sessions.

●  Create, distribute, assign, and execute the blog/news-editorial calendar.

●  Write English blog posts, and copyedit and proofread the team’s blogs.

●  Apply SEO best practices on the website’s content based on the SEO data illustrated from Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.

●  Producing SEO keyword strategies and historical optimization plans.

●  Align content updates and marketing activities with the sales team goals.

●  Generate SEO and content reports for management after tracking business performance and identifying areas for business improvement.

●  Collaborate with the development team to enhance the website’s UI/UX.

●  Create content marketing plans for social media channels.

●  Write captions for various SM platforms to reflect the company’s brand, tone, and voice.

●  Write content for and Proofread text-on-design of SM designs, newsletters’, GSNs, and GDNs.

Tools:​ CMS, HootSuite, GSuite, Moz, Screaming Frog, SEMRush, Ahrefs, AdWords, analytics, MailChimp, PhotoShop, and Illustrator.

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