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Novelettes, Short Stories, and Poems.

We Used Shit-Glitter

One more unsent letter.Three words that are bitter.‘I love you’ were never said.On my throat, they were held.Shouldn’t have I known it more

One Last Word!

Starting with a female: “How dare you?” “How dare you not?” “I hate you.” “I hate you not!” more

A Year of Losses

I lost a Godmother. I lost a brother I lost a wing. I lost a father I lost a friend I hurt another. I had a sister and lost some other. I lost time I more

Sacrilegious Deathwish

“If you’re the Angel of Death, I was the Angel of Life.” The voice replied with no remark on the previous note “Who’s your God? more

Couldn’t Write!

I’m the one who broke your spell. I’m the one who didn’t tell   I’m the one who is leaving I’m the one who was more