An avid video gamer, a cat person and a creator, champion and a villain of a multitude of parallel universes in this galaxy and the next fifteen. Husseni likes reading and somehow a new fan of the High Fantasy genre. An appreciator of the beautiful dying art of conversation, chess, jogging, Melodic death metal, Alternative Rock, Post-Rock and garlic sauce! He ravels in dark humor and the art of chaotic escalation of norms and events. Writing has been his sole medium of catharsis, thought process and development during the first decade of his life. It carried on to his later years and took form and shape in many things. He socializes and treats his friends with a theatrical air based on the multitude of the characters he admires and created in his demented brain. It helped him cope with grief, paranoia, panic attacks and long trips, and many other things. But what he knows, right? “The world has never took me seriously, who am I to not return the favor?”