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About iWritative

iWritative is an online magazine for bibliophiles, logophiles, and word-nerds reflecting the simultaneous Egyptian cultural and societal complexity and simplicity. Yet, novelettes, short stories, and poetry will be regularly posted as well. Our most significant section is promoting fitness, strength, health, and positive energy: ‘iHealthy’, and it could act as your day-to-day motivator in leading a healthy lifestyle and to manage consistency to reach your goals. But the magazine does not, and will not, stop there; more sections are available for vigorous writing addicts to write in.

But that is not all; iWritative is an online platform for writers wanting to share their words with the masses. All you have to do is to send your English article to for a pre-publishing review and copy editing purposes, but do not forget to mention which category your article undergoes. If you are confused, we can decide on the category thing together.

Keep checking, because we will be adding more sections and/or renewing the old ones regularly.