2. Lovers’ Silence

At the beginning of my life, I thought I knew the earth and its core fruitions. Turns out I was in search of a dream … a deep, mysterious world … and I spoke a lot.

I meditated on things a lot too. Two things one’s meditations on are insatiable: a sky full of stars … and a human’s face.

I looked at the sky with astonishment, at humans’ faces with equal astonishment … and spoke a lot.

I imagined, with the abundance of human foolishness and haste, you can hug the purity of things through words.

I was delusional, I admit.

And here came Al-Niffari telling us in his Stations & Addresses:

  • The wider the vision, the tighter the sentence.

Eventually, we turned to silence.

If we loved how lovers did, if we burnt how they burnt, we would have become exactly what they were– lovers have silence with a taste of melodies.

They are silent, yes. But what shrieks are singing through this silence? Grieving, yes. Loyal, yes.

Finally, winter was here. And a stunning change hit three bushes in front of our house .. the three bushes died. All the green leaves coloring the branches fell.

The miracle of death descended without us even knowing and this miracle gave birth to a cloud with no intention to sob there.

Finally, winter was here.

How did people easily forget their sorrows?

How did they forget winter’s trees falling to death and the falling of their dry, broken yellow leaves?

The lovers sat on the silent table, the wine glasses passed around. They drank from them and cried in them.

One of them said: silence is our motto us lovers.

You ask why? In a world where wickedness is keeping an eye on every living self, silence becomes the fundament. In a world where innocence is slaughtered, wickedness is sent over to the moon, and words turn into dances that mess with the imaginations of the drunks.

In this world the law of silence is a law of pride, praise, and peacefulness, so lovers keep silent.

Even lovers of the impossible and the faraway idealism, even those, enter into the caves of silence and settle.

Glasses of wine were passed around and here they were drinking from them and crying in them.

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