1. The First Day of History

A date none of us wrote is 1/1/1 … the first day of the first month of the first year … when the universe was created.

The wedding day of history and earth, and the wedding day of Eve and Adam .. the day human life started.

The wedding was limited to Adam and Eve, and Allah– blessed be the Almighty, was the only witness. Despite the veil of dust cascading over this new creation, the Angels kept meditating with innocent astonishment at its knowledge of love.

This is the true wedding that none of us attended, and no pictures of it exist.

What did Adam engrave on his wedding band? What did Eve engrave on hers? Why neither wrote 1/1/1?

There were no wedding bands and there was or marriage, only a relationship and an everlasting soulful embrace: the day of the first month of the first year the world was created.

What beauty did this day possess except the exquisiteness of innocence and sorrow?

Adam and Eve were cast out of heaven and descended to Earth. There were no months in heaven, no days either, or years or sun, or frigidness, or disease, or death or worries, only immortality. Immortality knows no stress or calculations. But here they were, down on Earth, where calculated risks and strife and destruction are.

Adam and Eve were aware of starting life completely anew when they descended from heaven.

“And Adam disobeyed his Lord and erred. Then his Lord chose him and turned to him in forgiveness and guided [him].” (surat Taha, verse 121-122)

Adam forgot he was hungry and thought about what food to offer this first day.

Tears of remorse.

There’s nothing within his authority except tears of remorse.

The grandfather of humankind cried … he cried over memories of the first days’ purity and over the fruits he lost of the Eden of obedience and closeness, their taste still clinging to his heart.

As a grandson of Adam, I still feel a longing for this first day of the first month of the first year of the beginning of life.

What an innocence was of that day! What was the wedding that took place? And what secret did this day conceal within its folds? What pure bits of happiness colored its seconds, minutes, and hours?

The sun was a virgin still, and Eve a virgin too. With tears of remorse and a heart burnt with longing, Adam was washing these very first hours. Ages and centuries passed and the day became a dream. Is there any way of awakening the dream and resurrecting it with life in the conch shell of innocence? Is there any way?

by Ahmed Bahgat

Translated by Ola ElWassify

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