Reflections on the Purity of the Universe

Me, Ola ElWassify, currently doing my MFA in Creative Writing in the US, originally from Egypt, I have always been an admirer of translated works bridging the gaps between cultures, as they offer new lenses to look at the world we live in.

Originally written in Arabic by Ahmed Bahgat ‘Reflections on the Purity of the Universe’ is a book of mindful meditative lyrical essays. My goal is to translate the seventy-nine mini-essays in this book into English and publish them here, both the original and the translated texts.

His fresh writing style combines philosophy and sarcasm, Sufism and poetics, Ahmed Bahgat takes us on a marvelous journey to reveal wonderful worlds with reasonable questions and thoughts magnifying the creator’s mightiness.

The author opens new horizons for the mind to reflect on seas, and swamps, deserts and heavens, laughter and sobbing, rain and trees, life and death, and silence and love.

With a brush of a sensitive and emotional artist, he paints fascinating paintings, teaching us how to look at reoccurring ordinary things with a new perspective.

Ahmed Shafiq Bahgat (Arabic: أحمد شفيق بهجت) was an Egyptian writer and journalist, born in Cairo on the 15th of November 1932 and died on the 11th of December 2011. Despite graduating from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, he kickstarted his career in journalism in 1955 and kept at it till his death. As a millennial, my generation knows Ahmed Bahgat as a columnist, a sarcastic critic, and a poetic Sufi who wrote several books on Allah, Abrahamic religion prophets, Sufistic practices of Islam. among others.

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