Of course I do remember! We always fought and laughed and fought again. We usually ate a good mix grill and fight over the molokheyia I ordered but you wanted to eat. We never fought about the hookah though. We shared that. We never fought about the kisses or the hugs afterwards but we fought which road to take home and which bridge to take and which tunnel to dive in. To all the places that made good pineapple juices that we liked so much, if you know what I mean? I loved the pineapple. It gives it all back to me just from one bite wherever I am now! I bought you pineapple helium balloons to tease you about it, remember? We have been around Cairo, haven’t we? 

Every corner of my neighborhood and yours, all the bridges in between, all the cafes around where you work, and around mine too! Everything. They remember us too I believe. They know we have been there once and we have been lovers and we have been best friends and we have been close. And now, not going anymore to any of these places, they definitely know we are strangers now and I cannot tell you Happy Birthday except here. 

Happy Birthday!

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