Reminders for Life: Que Sera Sera

What will be, will be. Collect

happy moments. Be

Present. Live

in the moment. You

are enough, worthy, loved. Believe

in yourself. Nothing

is impossible. Never

give up. Progress

not perfection. Just Breathe.

Form unbreakable bonds. No one

fights alone. Run wild, run

free. You are sunshine, selenophile. One

day at a time. One step at a time. It takes time. Dare

to be different, radiant, radical,

fearless. Perfectly imperfect. Radiate

positivity. Mountains to molehills. Never

too far. Rise. Head up heart open. Stay

humble, kind. Practice

makes perfect. Embrace vulnerability, beauty.

Persistence. Resilence. Hope

over fear. Leave your worries behind. Pave

the way. Pave your way, your own way. You are

a survivor. Take

pride in it. Forgive. Let go.

Smile. Smile again.

And Laugh. Practice the pause. Go

for it. Serenity, courage, and wisdom.

There is nothing you can’t

do. You didn’t come this far to only

come this far. Your story isn’t



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