For The Love of … Emeralds

It all started when I fell in love with emeralds, how fresh they feel, how alive they look, and how elegant they are. The thought of being captivated and mesmerized by one color made me uncomfortable, but it was irrefutable that emeralds now has a large share of my heart because of their greenness. At least I was honest with myself that I was drawn to the stone because of its color.

Emeralds are made of beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen found deep in the Earth’s crust. When these elements are flowing in hydrothermal veins filled with hot water and the conditions are right, the emerald crystals start to form. When we speak of precious stones, diamonds come to mind first, but actually, emeralds are rarer and often more expensive than diamonds. But look at how neglected and unfamous they are? No girl dreams of having an emerald ring adorning her finger from the love of her life!

We almost always go with the flow, follow some norms, and embrace specific beliefs without thinking if they are the right ones for our characters or not. We, more often than not, trick ourselves into being someone we are not. We try to live up to the version of ourselves that will be accepted the most, or the one that will receive more validation and get more praise. When we take a more in-depth look at ourselves, we can see our raw selves after reaping everything we have acquired.

For three minutes, think of yourself without your job, your skills, your talents, your hobbies, your habits, your religion, your society, and your culture. We have all been born into a family with specific social norms and constraints, embracing faith and following rituals. Later after, we start discovering our talents and skills. But without even realizing it, we grow up trying to fit in, be accepted, and act normal.
But today, you need to set all these external influences aside. Take off all the masks. There is no box to fit into and no norm to consider.

Think of yourself as a pile of values and principles, the ones you have rooted in your soul because they feel right without outside forces. The values you tend to do with your primitive intuition.

But is the person defined by their values and principles alone? I’d dare to say no.
A person could be defined by the actions and behaviors they choose based on their values and principles.

Can you get up and look at the mirror and face yourself with who you really are without doubt or hesitance to possess these traits?

It is a big sign of bravery to stand up in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and speak to yourself out loud: “I am angry. I am afraid. I am a coward. I am fierce. I am flawed. I am suicidal. I am depressed. I have anxiety. I am ambitious!”

Even if you say things that might not belong to you, argue yourself out of them. Own up to what you hate to call yourself, but are true still—accept yourself. Forgive it. Heal it. Be compassionate with this soul of yours. Understand your motives. Believe in your own judgment in the best and worst of circumstances. And don’t ever give up.

We are all good people, except when we are not. And we are all bad people except when we are not. In the right conditions, just like emeralds, you will form something precious: the authenticity of yourself.

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