What Kind of Heart Do You Possess? Cactus, Glass, or Flesh?


Throughout life, we’ve all been hurt and hurt others, and whether it was intentional or not, our hearts never stay the same at some point. This point is substantially crucial to our mental nurturing. Unfortunately, some people have been through more than one transactional points in their lives, and dealing with this trauma is not easy nor something to take lightly. Our hearts, metaphorically, react differently to painful experiences and as a result, we’re not just of bones, blood and flesh any more and other materials contribute to our functioning.

If you’re into fiction, please read my ‘Heart of…’ poem.

What you think is your material if you were made of your heart? What if you really wear your heart out, how would it be? I can’t stop wondering what we all will look like if we literally wore our hearts on our sleeves.

Some will turn into moving stones with brains, eyes and even talking mouths. Being broken is the fate of any other heart in their way.

Wooden hearts will be there too, like wooden doors, waiting to be knocked to open gently, to reveal what’s hidden and to tell its deepest secrets. Hearts of grass? of course, with their lively look and fresh soil smell, all green and al kind.

Some deliberate hearts leave nothing to chance, their awareness and consciousness make them calculate every step along the way to the point of becoming moving mechanical hearts. Every cog and gear function for a reason. Their nuts and bolts that should everything together soon become rusty and tired of the whole mechanism, because when it comes to feelings and life meaning, calculations fail and no engine can help with that.

Cactus too! These ones are the softest, yet hurt the most. These hearts can endure so much, their self-contained nature might make them look aloof and their resilience gives the impression that they need no one, but this is a just a pseudo-independence, as in reality, they need reassurance, love, and care.

Others will turn into a transparent glass, revealing all within, leaving no chance for a shred of doubt lingering there. Being crystal clear about the big thing and the small ones alike.

Psychologists found out that feelings of mental pain are equivalent to physically painful ones. I’m sure we’ve heard/read this somewhere before. That’s why heartaches feel like your heart is bleeding; it’s of flesh. Bravery is the least to be attributed to these hearts daring to stay as they’re in this cruel world. Taking other forms takes courage, but staying as you’re is outstandingly valiant.

So now … Which heart do you own? Share with us your thoughts.

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