Can You See the Pattern?

It all started four years ago when I fell in love with a bracelet that had little red metal lips hanging from it. I bought it without a second thought, but I ruined the bracelet. I unattached the metallic lips from the bracelet and started giving them to the people I love. I came across many objects with the same pattern later after, pyjamas, sweatshirts, earrings, mugs, pencils, wall stickers, wallets, pins, you name it. I bought what I can afford.

One day, my best friend asked me about the reason behind loving this particular lips’ shape or the kiss print. And after that remarkable conversation, I’ve come to tremendous conclusions.

It’s What We Feel/Need

Yes! let’s face it. I love being kissed, like for real. Not the air kiss that comes with touching cheek to cheek with a friend, no, the real deal. It is the most asexual form of showing affection and love to another person. Even this act of kissing differs depending on the body part receiving it. If you kiss your mother’s hand, it shows appreciation, if you kiss your partner’s palm, it shows deep longing, if you kiss someone’s forehead, it shows care, if you kiss someone’s lips, to some people it shows sexual desire, and to others it could mean deep form of love.

One of my friends loves the leopard print to death, and when we conversed about it, it seemed like she loves how comfortable and strong they’re in their skin. Nothing to hide and everything is just exposed with pride.

Another friend of mine, who’s also a writer, is deeply in love with owls, She thinks they’re cute although in our eastern culture owls are mostly connected to bad luck. It’s the concept of being hugely misunderstood as a person kills her, I believe.

A male friend, who’s an artist, happens to be weak in front of cactuses. He buys stuff with cactus patterns and always embeds them in his drawings and paintings with tiny little flowers. When asked about this, he said because it conveys pain. I told him about a poem of mine mentioning a heart of cactus and how that’s so painful indeed, he asserted my point saying that with every beat this heart makes, the heart bearer is in a great deal of pain as well.

We can go on and on, with endless patterns and objects that people actually love and feel relatable to. From unicorns, horses, birds, to mandalas, hearts, flowers, pineapples or fruits in general. The psychology behind this relation is that we become drawn to what we’re most familiar with. We love the things that are a tangible reflection of what we feel and conceal inside and no words, art, or music can expose them.

Going back to myself again, I’, crazy about wings too. The reason behind this is how they look fearlessly free and how one feather from this wing is a quill that suppresses hundreds and thousands of words waiting to be released on a piece of parchment. I love how pineapples are thorny from the outside, wearing a crown, yet the sweetest on the inside.

Now tell me, which objects or shapes appeal to you the most?

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