Poetry: Poor Little Norah

Unmissable aura.
Unmissable voice.
Poor little Norah,
She never had a choice.

She is invisible to many.
She exists to none.
Poor little Norah,
With life, she is done.

Unwanted are her curves.
Forgettable are her words.
This poor little Norah,
has no purpose to serve.

Unloved here she feels.
Chained to depression wheels.
Poor little Norah,
in her bones, she conceals.

Unbreakable was her soul.
Unbearable was her fall.
But now for little Norah,
Death conquers all.

Undesirable is the pain.
Unsafe is the brain.
Stop it little Norah,
Struggle to stay sane.

Unedible are the tears,
Unlike sleeping pills.
What happened to you, Norah?
She did what ultimately kills.


Note: inedible is the correct form. (Un-) is used as a deviation.

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