Poetry: We Used Shit-Glitter

One more unsent letter.
Three words that are bitter.

‘I love you’ were never said.
On my throat, they were held.

Shouldn’t have I known it earlier…
that my heart will reach organ failure?

One more untold story.
Two characters with no glory.

Separation was foreseen.
And desperation has always been.

Shouldn’t have we known better…
that our souls are also bitter.

Numerous more uneven trades.
Solid colors with no shades.

Graduality was never on the table…
like horses with no stable.

Shouldn’t have we tamed their feelings…
before we reach the inevitable bleedings?

The world has never been any just.
Rust friends and no one to trust.

Didn’t we know any better?
Admit we used shit-glitter.

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