Poetry: I Used to Be A Kid!

I used to be a kid.

I had wings that I can spread.

I used to wear a crown.

When I felt bad I simply frown.

I used to hide under my bed.

I never hid any of the tears I had to shed.

I smiled at flowers and toys.

I cried to play outside with the boys.

I used to think the moon was following me.

And that I’m a bird with a nest on a tree.

I used to be a kid.

I used to eat sausages out of the bread.

I made tents from my blankets and sheets.

I used to listen to my mum’s peaceful heartbeats.

I always hid my new pencils.

Never hid my feelings or principles.

Real victory was having a glittery pen.

Real success was spelling the word ‘hen’.

I felt the happiest having a star on my forehead.

I never felt guilty for the bad things I did.

Yes, I used to be a kid.

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