Throughout the past week, I’ve been coming across some informative videos from well-known medical pages about suicide. Also, I’ve seen people posting some quotes, some are against and others are with, people who commit suicide. What actually grabbed my attention, is that some psychiatrists even wrote about this. As it turns out, apparently, suicide is widespread now among Egyptian youth.

This topic is very sensitive to the point of being tabooed in Islamic countries. QURAN verse banning suicide … As a result, many Islamic scholars interpret this message as literary as it is that suicide is a blasphemy.

But here are the responses I got from people when the topic comes up and I mention unapologetically that I’ve tried to kill myself before. Unfortunately, some of them are family. I remember one day I was depressed for days and when weeks passed my sibling asked me what’s wrong, and I mentioned that I’m trying to fight my suicidal thoughts. The response was rather odd, “That’s stupid” so I replied “well it is a mental sickness. I know I need help.” and I started crying. My sibling replied coldly “Still, it is stupid!” and left.

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