How Not to Confuse Activity with Productivity

Some people consider themselves active and energetic and others consider themselves the exact opposite; however, this categorization is inaccurate because of the overlapping between the Activity and Productivity terms. In order not to confuse these two terms, each should be introduced in contrast with the other. We participate in numerous activities in our everyday lives and even the simplest things we do are considered activities. Some days, of course, we are more active than others, but ultimately, everyone knows their activity limitations and they expect themselves to maintain certain and basic kinds of tasks every day, like showering, brushing your teeth or even just getting out of bed!
Productivity refers to the consequences and the results of the activity or the action I’m participating in. In other words, if the action someone is conducting right now has no impact in the future, it is surely considered unproductive. Some actions will have influences indeed, but that does not necessarily mean that the action maintained served the results I wanted; the activity might have an unproductive impact still.

So how can we not confuse activity with productivity?

1- Set goals, but not in the same old way of writing them down and maintaining small steps to reach big results and blah blah blah! It’s all about setting the goal for every small task we do and decide if it is important to be done or not and if it should be done, when. For example, if you have to create a design, it should be known if it’s a freelance project, or a volunteering work for one of your friends so you can have a visual of what this activity will produce: money or experience, or both. So asking yourself why are you doing something is not stupid and “What For?” is a normally preceding one.

2- Busy does not mean by default that you were productive. People might work for weeks, months, and even years, and then suddenly realise that they were working to achieve someone else’s dreams and that the years have passed by and they have achieved nothing for themselves that they can call their own. Busy people actually suffer the most, because they are constantly participating in various activities and they never see any results that are of importance to them. In order to keep a healthy lifestyle, humans should learn to get busy just doing something for their own sake and their own benefit, Life is not all about the full-time job that pays, it is also about how you spend your free time busying yourself with the things that matter to you. Usually, we fill this time with some hobbies and particular interests or talents, but if we focus on making this hobby a productive task, it will surely have a positive impact on our social, personal and even mental health.

3- Have more than one thing to be productive at. We live in a social world full of communication, technology, responsibilities, and fun. Considering that, everybody has different goals and different things that they should attend to. Saying that we should prioritise the things that we should work on every day and the other things that need weekly productive action, even if this action is as tiny as watering your beloved plants.

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