C for Car vs C for Creative!

Once, a friend of mine asked me about writing and she asked how do I start. The funny thing is that I don’t start, so I told her “I always find myself in the middle. The real trick is to crawl my way out.” This is so true. I never find myself starting nor ending; I just find myself hearing all the voices and I start to manage them slowly. I started writing when I was 13 and I always wondered how did I survive without a talent before that? The answer was pretty saddening. I had talents but my father made me quit. I knew how to dance and how to play the piano. I had a mean of expressing myself, and when my dad made me stop I did not understand that maybe he was doing me a favour because that’s how I found my greatest passion: writing poetry at the time. But I could have been a dancer or a pianist along with being a writer, right? Ugh! the possibilities are killing me. I believe that parents play an important role in helping their children discover their real talents and potentials but I was too young to fight for my right to have a talent or to be different. What did I know?

As I grew older, an idea hit me: why do we teach children the alphabets the way we do? In other words, why don’t we just teach them some valuable things that are more important than the tangible things we usually refer to. A for Apple? What about A for Appreciation and give an example that when your friend lends you a pen and you thank him/her it is a mean of communicating appreciation.

B for Brave to understand the meaning of courage and be daring and bold. C for Creative to learn how to generate new ideas and know that there is no limit or for Colors to learn to paint and be exposed to different means of creativity like writing, drawing and composing. D for Dream to have goals set ahead of them in the future and achieve them.

E for Equal to view everyone equally with no racial or biased points of view or for Emotions to learn to deal with them correctly even the negative ones like anger, sadness, and so on (this will be my favourite class). F for Friend to socialise and make friends along the way with no shame of who they are, or for Father: the one suffers, supports, provides, yet satisfied.

G for Give to learn to give and enjoy the act of giving. H for Hope to comprehend that without hope, no goal could be reached or for Help to give humans a hand every now and then or for Humble. I for Ideal to understand that there is no perfection and that only God is ideal or to Inspire others by maintaining good deeds no matter what. J for Joy to laugh loudly and feel free doing so.

K for Kind to understand the importance of being soft-hearted and that there is no pride in saying that you have a heart of a stone and to be kind to animals as well. L for Lucky to count their blessings and thank God for all the fortunes that they have or for Love and Loyalty to their family and country. M for Man and let them know the features of the real men with determination, or maybe for Mother to appreciate her endless efforts and sacrifices.

N for Natural to avoid fakeness and profanity and be themselves bravely. O for Odd to know that everyone is different and trying to fit in or to be like everybody else is a waste of time. P for Pain to accept the fact that there will be pain that will teach them lessons the hard way. Q for Quest to learn to challenge themselves rather than challenging the colleague sitting next to them. R for Romantic to feel others or Responsibility to work hard or more importantly, for Read to read and read and read and … read.

S for Sad to understand it and help sad people in need. T for True to stay true to God, themselves and others. U for Unite to work with their team to build something big and important or for Universe to keep the world clean and believe that it belongs to us all with no borders to separate us. V for Value to value one’s self and reject abuse and ask for help with no shame when abuses.

W for Woman to respect, cherish and value her, and understand that she is the mother, the sister, and the daughter or for Write to express themselves through words. X for xenophobic to tolerate diversity and digest different cultures. Y for Youth to use it wisely, to learn, to read, to spread knowledge along with receiving it. And finally, Z for Zeal to be enthusiastic about life, love, anger, work and do it all with passion.

Teach children Sign Language so they can go to deaf and mute people and talk to them. Teach them participating in volunteering work. Teach them values and principles to help them grow, mentally speaking not just physically. Parents should encourage their children to find their passion and be more creative and say bluntly what they like and dislike. You might think that these abstract concepts are too hard for a kid to understand, but let’s try it! let’s give each and every letter a whole class or even two to achieve what we want.

I’d rather see my kid knowing these principles and being taught how to apply them than knowing that s/he knows that O goes for Oranges and that C goes for Cars.

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