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A Letter


I shouldn’t have fallen in love with your little face and the lines that your smile paint on it. I should’ve never longed to hear your laugh and make an effort to hear it giggling because it echoed in my heart. I should neither love the look in your eyes when you’re happy nor hated your sadness that broke my heart into million pieces. I shouldn’t have fallen for your sweet voice and your flawless soul. I know I shouldn’t have. I know it is wrong to want so much of some one and to expect much. I know it only hurts at the end. I’m old enough to know better. But against all logic, against all experience, and against all of my prior disappointments, I do love you.

About Ola El-Wassify (47 Articles)
A word-nerd hearted person who is madly in love with English linguistics, literature, psychology, and cycling. Was raised in Cairo, physically speaking, but her heart belongs to different countries and cultures. Addicted to various kinds of music, such as Jazz, Pop, Metal, Rock, Country, Ray and Nubian music. Her soul is intertwined with dancing, Sufism, and typewriters. Writing is her passion! Poetry is her favorite, yet she gets absorbed into short-stories and novels as well. She believes we are all the sum of the books we read, the movies we watch, and the music we listen to, and that is why she loves writing. When you write and someone loves your words, you become an essential part of their memories.

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