Parts of My Soul

by @NadaHossni
by @NadaHossni

I have the mean

And the good

The mysterious 

And the understood


I have the dirty

And the clean

The reality

And the dream


I have the writer

And the lazy

The quiet

And the crazy


I have the coward

And the brave

The free

And the caged


I have the giver

And the taker

The peaceful 

And the troublemaker


I have the focused

And the wanderer

The innocent 

And the murderer


I have the cold

And the enraged

The child

And the aged


I have the dead

And the alive

The whore

And the wife


I have the giggly

And the cryer

The seller

And the buyer


I have the righteous 

And the sinner

The loser

And the winner


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