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iHealthy: Day 51- You’re Stronger than This Delicious Cheesy Pasta Serving

I went to the gym to maintain my workout schedule for this week. Since I’ve started I’ve never went to the gym 3 days in a row, and as a result, every muscle in my body hurts. To be honest, I didn’t want to go today. I wanted to go home and order some cheesy pizza or cheesy pasta….something cheesy in general, but I couldn’t. I kept reminding myself of all the hard work that I had to put effort into. I kept reminding myself of the reason why I started. I’m stronger than this delicious cheesy pasta plate.

I ran with same pace as yesterday’s in order to let my body understand that this will be the norm. My body is still stubborn, but I have to let it understand that I’m the boss here. I eat when I want to. I workout when I want to. I had a bad habit of emotional eating and to break this, it takes hard work, dedication, and…..well, crying. The trick is to try to find something else that makes me feel emotionally happy and satisfied and this differs from one person to another. Everyone should has his own thing that takes his mind off of the bad habits he wants to quit.

After I’ve finished my running routine, I started squatting. I’ve finished my 15×4 with a miracle because, for some reason, my thighs hurt as hell! I tried to rest in between the squatting sets by training my arms and it somehow worked. I tried to drink as much water as possible. A girl was supposedly training as well, but I noticed that she was demotivated and sitting down now for too long. This couldn’t be the 30 seconds rest between different workouts. Normally, I don’t talk to others as easily as I wish I could, but amazingly I heard myself saying “Hey, get up! You have to finish what you’ve started.” Strikingly, the girl got up and smiled and resumed her workout with more enthusiasm. And when she saw me resting for more than a minute, she did the same; she just said “Come on! Get up.”

We should have more people like this in real life, not just at the gym. Why some people feed on others’ sorrows? We should lift one another up, be supportive, and motivate one another. But that’s the perfect world, not the real ugly one.

Annnnnnd I’m done. The last and the hardest set of squats ended and I can shower now, go home, and be proud. I made it. At least for one more day.

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A word-nerd hearted person who is madly in love with English linguistics, literature, psychology, and cycling. Was raised in Cairo, physically speaking, but her heart belongs to different countries and cultures. Addicted to various kinds of music, such as Jazz, Pop, Metal, Rock, Country, Ray and Nubian music. Her soul is intertwined with dancing, Sufism, and typewriters. Writing is her passion! Poetry is her favorite, yet she gets absorbed into short-stories and novels as well. She believes we are all the sum of the books we read, the movies we watch, and the music we listen to, and that is why she loves writing. When you write and someone loves your words, you become an essential part of their memories.

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