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iHealthy: Day 50- The New RECORD

Your goals don't care how you feel.

The 50th! Isn’t it a special number that should be celebrated accordingly? I had a very long day today! I woke up, went to work, then had to go to a course I’m attending and as it turns out we had a quiz, and then I went to the GYM. What was I thinking going to the gym after this long day? And frankly speaking, I have no idea. To be honest, I had the possibility in mind when I was preparing my breakfast in the morning before going to work, and as a result, I prepared an extra slice of brown bread, but instead of putting light cheese on it, I used light strawberry jam. Just in case I had enough strength at the end of the day to hit the gym I will at least have a pre-workout snack. I’m not even sure if this is a proper one, but anyway.

When I first arrived at my office, a friend of mine got each and every one of us a chocolate cake as a sign of generosity, and she really is, but I said NO to myself, and passed it to another colleague. I went to the gym, changed my clothes, and got on the treadmill. Then, an idea hit me: What should I be doing today to celebrate my struggle. I always choose the Leg Shaper running routine and set the maximum speed to 5, but today I set it to 6. I know that 6 to some athletics or even to some normal people might look silly, but to someone with my weight, it is a breakthrough. I found myself running, like a turtle, but running. There were normal paced walks in between the maximum speed sprints. I thought I was going to die, or maybe faint. “I shouldn’t go hard on myself” is what I heard my brain telling me and then my brain paused. I had to breathe and focus on breathing in the right manner.

At this moment, I remembered some quote that I once read “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you.” and as cliche as this might sound, but this is actually true. I had to do it. I had to run. I had to find difficulty in catching my breath. My thighs had to hurt much. My hair was flying everywhere, and my ankles almost gave up. But I did it, and I’m proud. Because simply, your goals don’t care how you feel, they care only about your hard work and dedication.

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A word-nerd hearted person who is madly in love with English linguistics, literature, psychology, and cycling. Was raised in Cairo, physically speaking, but her heart belongs to different countries and cultures. Addicted to various kinds of music, such as Jazz, Pop, Metal, Rock, Country, Ray and Nubian music. Her soul is intertwined with dancing, Sufism, and typewriters. Writing is her passion! Poetry is her favorite, yet she gets absorbed into short-stories and novels as well. She believes we are all the sum of the books we read, the movies we watch, and the music we listen to, and that is why she loves writing. When you write and someone loves your words, you become an essential part of their memories.

1 Comment on iHealthy: Day 50- The New RECORD

  1. “Your goals don’t care how you feel.” I am a sucker for constructive pragmatism and that is the exact mindset needed to go through.

    Keep up the good work and the key word here is “consistency.”


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